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It’s time to jump off the dating roller coaster 🎢 and attract the love you deserve! Learn how to become a LOVE MAGNET! 🧲 Check out the replay of The Midlife Makeover Show LIVE on Instagram with Wendy Valentine and her gorgeous guest, Dr. Morgan Anderson! 

Dr. Morgan Anderson is a clinical psychologist and relationship coach, host of the “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast, creator of the E.S.L relationship method, and author of the book Love Magnet. She helps women break the toxic dating cycle, raise their self-worth, and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted.

You will learn:

·       How to rewire your belief system for a great relationship

·       The Attachment Theory and how it plays a role in your relationships

·       Steps to reshape the beliefs about yourself and the partner you attract

·       How to become a Love Magnet



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