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Welcome to 2023! Let’s make 2023 an awesome year! Notice how I didn’t say, “let’s wish or dream or hope for an awesome year.” Those words are all fine and fluffy but wishing and dreaming and hoping only go so far. You have to MAKE it an awesome year! You have to take action and be proactive in creating happy and healthy days, weeks, months, and years in your life. Now is the time. 

Ya’ know what? Let’s make this the year of the what ifs. What if you did all those things you talked about doing so you could live your best life? What if you lost those extra pounds that have been weighing you down? What if you finally took that dream trip to Greece? What if you quit your soul sucking job and started your own business? What if you started eating healthier so you could feel better, sleep better, and live longer? What if you stopped watching Netflix and started meditation instead? 

What if? What if? What if? 

Think about the person you would become if you conquered all your what ifs. I obviously don’t know your what ifs, but I have a strong feeling if you slay your what ifs that you would become a happier, healthier, more energetic, vibrant, peaceful, and loving human being. You would become who your soul has been wanting you to become. Achieving your what ifs means you pushed aside all your excuses, your limiting beliefs, and your bullshit. 

It’s just like when you play the card game, Bullshit. When someone lays a card facedown, they have to name the card. If you think they laid down a different card than what they said, then you can call bulllllshit! You have to say it just like that –– bullllllshit!

Well, I recommend calling bullshit on yourself. When your limiting beliefs creep in, and they most definitely will, and you hear yourself saying things like, I can’t get up early and go the gym, or I need to hang onto this soul sucking job because it’s too much trouble to start doing what I truly love, then you need to immediately call bullshit on those excuses. 

Take some time today and think about your what ifs. Better yet, write them down and make them official. Take out a piece of paper and write on the top in big capital letters … WHAT IF? Write whatever comes to mind. What if I lost weight? What if I finally got out of this unhealthy relationship? What if I did yoga everyday? What if you made this your best year ever? 

You can make it happen. I know you can. If not, I’m calling bullshit on you! 

To help make this your best year ever, we have an amazing guest today that will teach us how to create solid boundaries in your relationships and how to rebuild your life after divorce. Just think of those two what ifs alone and how they would change your life. What if you created solid boundaries in your relationships? What if you rebuilt your life after divorce? For me personally, those two what ifs made all the difference in my life and my wellbeing. I hope they do for you as well.

Today’s guest is Johanna Lynn. She has 20 years expertise in resolving inherited family patterns and is the founder of The Family Imprint Institute with an international private practice. Johanna is a systemic therapist offering resolutions from long standing issues to participants in online classes with a focus on dismantling family patterns, restoring relationships and cultivating resilient boundaries.

Enjoy the show!

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. You can only change yourself. You must go within and ask yourself, “how am I showing up?”
  2. The person we pick in life can be the difference of a mediocre life and a life that really excels. 
  3. We sometimes fall in love with the familiar –– our old patterns and our comfort zone. 
  4. Unpack the suitcase by asking yourself how you feel about your parents, and how your parents feel about their parents.
  5. What we blame our parents for is what we end up doing to ourselves.
  6. Have honest, courageous conversations in your relationships; match what you’re feeling on the inside with what you’re saying on the outside. 
  7. Take inventory of your relationships and decide what is working and not working. 

Thank you so much Johanna! I really enjoyed our conversation, and it makes me want to get a permanent marker to create even better boundaries in my own life! Make sure you check out her upcoming online classes at I will leave the links in the show notes as well. 

Happy New Year everyone! Make this the year of slaying your what ifs! Get out there and BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE YOU!

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