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Hello everyone! Welcome back to The Midlife Makeover Show! I hope you had a great holiday on Independence Day! I personally enjoyed the 4th of July by driving my RV from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to Glacier National Park in Montana. I don’t know which park is more beautiful, so let’s just say they are tied! Either way, I highly recommend visiting both of them! 

Speaking of traveling, today’s episode is all about traveling! If you are single, widowed, or maybe you’re married & your spouse doesn’t like to travel, this episode is for you. If you are an empty nester, retired or semi-retired and you are ready to cross some things off your bucket list, this episode is for you. If you want to see the world, but you don’t want to travel alone, this episode is for you.

It is no coincidence either that I interviewed our guest on Independence Day because today’s topic is about gaining your independence and becoming more empowered and inspired through solo travel. 

As many of you know, when I started this show, I started off on a solo RV journey across the country. As bold as I can be at times, I was still terrified to drive an RV by myself and to be all alone in new, strange places. Pushing through my fears and learning to be alone was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It helped me to become more independent and it really brought Wendy back to life. 

I’m hoping today’s show encourages you to get out and explore this wild, beautiful world, so you can explore your wild, beautiful self. I believe that as you learn more about the world and you travel the world, you learn more about yourself. 

Before I introduce you to today’s guest, I want to thank some of our listeners for leaving such kind reviews for the show.

This first 5-star review comes from Suede Shoes and he or she says:

“Wendy’s energy pulls you in so that her insightful conversations with guests teach you how to honor yourself in very understandable, applicable ways.”

Ahhh. Thank you, Suede Shoes! I appreciate that you said that, because I try my best to bring topics and solutions that are easy to understand and apply in your life. I think that is key!

Actually, my new saying is “Enough with the fluff!” We can listen to fluffy podcasts, read fluffy books, watch fluffy shows, and attend fluffy retreats that help us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but that warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t always last. I feel that people are craving less fluff and more practical tools and techniques that result in long-lasting joy and fulfillment in your life. Between this podcast and future books and workshops, I’m working everyday to bring you more practical ways to improve your well-being and your life. 

This next 5-star review comes from Jessa Raye, and she says:

“Wendy’s podcast is perfect for all Midlifers, she can help you through a midlife crisis, healthy eating and your mindset. Her personality is so bubbly you’ll be binging her show before you know it. – Jessa Raye

Thank you, Jessa! Sending you good bubbly vibes! 

I would love to read your 5-star review on the show as well. If you can take 5 minutes to leave a 5-star review on Apple podcasts, it would help the show tremendously. It would help to bump The Midlife Makeover Show to the top of the charts, which helps us to be found more easily, and most importantly, it helps me to help more people. That is always my goal.

To leave a review is really easy. When you have The Midlife Makeover Show pulled up on Apple podcasts, just scroll to the very bottom and click on “Write a Review”. Simple as that! I receive the reviews every week and I will read your review on the show!

Also, make sure you subscribe to The Midlife News for the latest and greatest updates, free workshops, and new episodes. It’s free to sign up! Just go to to register, and as a bonus, you will receive your free midlife makeover toolkit. 

I can’t say this enough, but I truly appreciate all your love and support for the show! 

Moving onto today’s awesome guest and awesome topic. Our guest today is Karamel McCoy. She is the founder of Women Travel Abroad, co-host of the top 1% podcast CEO Chronicles, a business mentor, and the owner of an office building in Kansas City. 

Women Travel Abroad is a boutique women’s travel group that travels the world in Ease, Comfort, & Style. Women Travel Abroad leads like-minded women who have a desire to explore the world! WTA travels in intimate groups of 6-8 women leading them on culture-filled adventures full of authentic experiences. WTA absorbs all the planning worry for you so you can enjoy your travels from start to finish. 

Enjoy the show!

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