3 Ways to Recover From Divorce!

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Divorce. That dreaded word. 😳 That dreaded thing we all don’t want to experience, but unfortunately some of us do. Let’s face it … divorce is happening in homes all around the world, and maybe it’s happening in your own home. 

Maybe you are thinking of divorce, you are in the midst of divorce, or your divorce papers are already signed. No matter where you fall on the dreaded divorce scale, today’s episode reveals that divorce doesn’t have to be dreadful at all. Oh no. It can be the complete opposite actually. If you allow it to be. 

Today’s special guest, Karen McMahon, Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce, supports men and women around the world as they navigate divorce. You will learn The Three Cs: How to Calm your mind, get Clear on what you want, and how to build your Confidence as you go through divorce. Flip the token of divorce from negative to positive and explore the possibilities of creating an extraordinary future. Take it from this happy divorcee, it’s possible! 😊

Here’s a few yummy Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show: 

  1. Why should you work on yourself when your ex is so displeasing? Because they’re going to be part of your past and you’re going to be part of your future, so you might as well make it the best future you can.
  2. If you’re headed down the path of divorce, there is no reason to be on your ex’s side of the street cleaning it up. Stay on your side of the street!
  3. You have an opportunity to write a new story!
  4. Allow your children’s journey through the divorce to be their own and allow them to use the divorce as an opportunity for growth.
  5. Gain control of yourself and you will feel empowered through your divorce.

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