How to Reset, Revamp, and Renew Yourself With Divorce

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Alicia Robertson brings us great wisdom on how to thrive through divorce! Alicia Robertson is a certified life coach who is the founder of Lemonade Life and creator of Unwife, a flagship program that teaches women to thrive through divorce.

She is trained in mindfulness, positive psychology, and neuroscience. Alicia helps women to navigate divorce with grit and grace, become confident and informed decision-makers, and create their best life. My wonderful midlifers, get ready for a fabulous show! Enjoy!

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom From Today’s Show:

  1. You are not defined by your divorce, but it changes you forever. 
  2. There is a difference between getting off the floor for yourself and getting off the floor for other people. Get up for yourself!
  3. Self-care builds self-worth because we are choosing ourselves; we are putting ourselves first. 
  4. Get out of whatever you are in by learning and doing something new. Just get busy!
  5. It takes so much courage to honor the fact that you and your partner are on different journeys.
  6. Divorce is a one-to-three-year process, but life beyond divorce is forever.
  7. We are always going through change and divorce is an opportunity to get really good at change.

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