3 Ways to Get Unstuck and Create a Positive Midlife

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Dr. Maria Sirois delivers such beautiful wisdom, insight and advice on today’s show! Maria is a positive psychologist, consultant and inspirational speaker who works globally in the intersection of wellbeing and resilience. 

She will provide you with some great guidance on how to become more resilient at midlife. You will also learn three simple steps to get you unstuck and back to living a life that brings you joy! This episode is a must listen! Enjoy! 😊 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom From Today’s Show:

  1. Resilient people realize they have a choice to be proactive or reactive through a difficult experience. 
  2. Resiliency comes from a place of personal leadership. It’s an inside job.
  3. If you’re stuck in midlife, here are three ways to help you get unstuck: a) Prioritize positive moments. Put yourself in a state of positivity. b)Seek out stories and examples of people that have made the leap towards a better life. c) Understand that you are resilient most of the time. Cultivate a daily habit of doing something that calms you down, strengthens you, or inspires you.
  4. People that practice daily self-care have more of the good stuff in them to keep showing up to take care of the world around them.
  5. Human beings can hold multiple experiences at the same time. Resiliency is holding multiple emotions and choosing the healthiest course of action.
  6. Start small and continue to make small changes every day.
  7. Pause every couple of months and reflect how you have grown.
  8. Invest in relationships that nourish you, and begin to uncouple or set boundaries, in the relationships that do not nourish you.

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