Create a New Midlife With Mindfulness & Meditation

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Kim Boda, a Certified High Performance Coach and a Neurochangesolutions Consultant trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, joins the podcast today to discuss designing a blueprint of your next chapter in life and teaches you how to make it all come true! 

We talk about the importance of observing ourselves from the outside in, and how you can literally create a new you by changing how you think. 

In this episode we also discuss:

  • Creating what you want all starts with meditation.
  • Getting in touch with your emotions because your emotions are what guide you in becoming your best self.
  • Facing your limiting beliefs head on and changing them immediately. 
  • How to weaken your negative pathways in your brain and strengthening your positive pathways. 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom From Today’s Show:

  1. We are usually on autopilot, and by the time we reach midlife, we have these subconscious programs that we are running over and over again in our minds. 
  2. Manifesting and creating what you want all starts with meditation.
  3. You must also have a blueprint of what you want to create. 
  4. At every waking moment we are creating. We must be mindful then of what we are creating. 
  5. Get in touch with your emotions because our emotions are what guide us.
  6. Going into meditation allows us to fully step into the quantum field of unlimited possibilities. 
  7. Face your limiting beliefs head on and change them immediately. Weaken those negative pathways in your brain and strengthen those positive pathways. 
  8. You can literally create a new YOU by changing how you think. Step into your future self and your future life and really feel the emotions of what it’s like to be the new you. 

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