A Simple Technique For Mastering Your Menopause

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There are so many things that can change at midlife! Especially our bodies! In today’s show, we will discuss some great intermittent fasting techniques taught by a fitness and nutrition coach, Heike Yates!

Heike helps women over 50 overcome unhealthy fitness and wellness habits with her signature program: “The Empty Nest Reboot!” She has developed a reputation for creating real-life solutions and lasting results. You will learn how to gain energy, lose weight, gain clarity, and conquer menopause like a LADY BOSS!

Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom From Today’s Episode!

  1. Intermittent fasting is not a weight loss program, but a feel better program.
  2. Fasting helps you to heal your gut, lose body fat, gives you energy and clarity.
  3. Clarify your WHY! What is your goal in fitness?
  4. Best exercises for women over 50 are the exercises you can consistently do.
  5. You don’t have to belong to a gym to be in shape. There are plenty of things you can do around the house, or the RV, to stay in shape.
  6. Love yourself by giving yourself the gift of better health and wellbeing. 
  7. If you eat a brownie, don’t feel guilty! Enjoy that brownie! Own that brownie!

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