5 Ways to Be More Resilient at Midlife

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Want to be stronger at midlife? Say YES I DO, WENDY! In today’s show, you will learn how to generate and strengthen resiliency at midlife! All of this fantabulous wisdom is brought to you by an incredible guest, Francis Piché

Francis is an author, keynote speaker, coach, and he is known as The Mindset Alchemist. Like an Alchemist, he helps you transmute your state of being into becoming the purest source of who you truly are. Grab a pen and paper, because there are some good nuggets of midlife wisdom in today’s show! 

Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom From Today’s Episode!

  1. Knowledge is great, but it’s the action we take that really matters.
  2. Life is precious. We have this divine intelligence that gives us breath, and we don’t know when that breath will end. So what will YOU do with your precious life? 
  3. Resiliency means the capacity to bounce forward. If we choose, we can grow with our challenges, so no matter what happens, there is a lesson learned. It’s turning a breakdown into a breakthrough. 
  4. How do we generate and strengthen resiliency in our lives:
    1. Clarity
    1. Conviction
    1. Certainty
    1. Commitment
    1. Courage
  5. Resiliency equals freedom!
  6. Lose your why and you will lose your way!
  7. You either wait or you create!
  8. You are not separated from you and your goal. You ARE your goal. Step into that person that you want to be NOW. Act as if. 
  9. Having a coach is like having your own quarterback to lead you to towards your goals. A coach helps you to realize what is holding you back. 

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