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Whether you are going through a divorce or not, today’s guest will help you flip the negative to a positive and shift your perspective about going through changes in your life. 

As many of you know, I went through a divorce years ago, and I have been on a mission to reinvent myself ever since. Going through divorce, even if it’s a peaceful divorce like mine was, is not easy. Going through any major transition in life is not easy. Reinventing yourself is not easy. Starting over is not easy. Changing careers is not easy. Emptying the nest is not easy. 

But is all the stress, frustration, and dark days worth it? Hell yes, it is! Well, it’s worth it if you make it worth it. Just like our guest said at the beginning of the show, the door opens when the divorce happens, and you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Some people take it and some people do not. 

I hope you are one of the bold and brave ones that takes the opportunity to create a better life for yourself. I hope you create better relationships with your children, your friends, and your family. I hope you create a more fulfilling career; I hope you create more exciting adventures in your life, and this is my biggest hope of them all ­­–– I hope you create so much love and gratitude for yourself and your life. Why? Because you deserve it. You deserve to live a life that brings you joy, freedom and love. 

I am so grateful and honored to have interviewed such a successful and incredible woman on my show. Everyone, brace yourselves, because our guest is powerhouse NYC divorce attorney Marilyn Chinitz, who represents A-list celebs such as Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, and Wendy Williams. She’s appeared as a guest on shows like Good Day New York, Dr. Drew, NBC’s The Today Show, ABC News 20/20Inside Edition, HLN’s Headline News, Hollywood Heat, and now here she is on The Midlife Makeover Show! Marilyn is frequently an expert legal source for high profile print outlets like the New York Times and People Magazine. Marilyn is a formidable advocate for her clients, guiding them through some of the most challenging transitions in their lives. Please welcome the beautiful and miraculous Marilyn to the show.


The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. In abusive marriages, you can lose your self-worth and your value, but when you get divorced, your value and self-worth can come back. That is the makeover aspect. 
  2. The door opens when the divorce happens, and you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Some people take it and some people do not. I hope you are one of them that takes that opportunity. 
  3. The impact of your children living in a toxic home has cannot be underestimated. Wendy and Marilyn both are not a fan of staying in the home for the sake of the children. In the end, you hurt the children more than anything else.
  4. It’s important for you to reach out to others through your divorce for love, help and support, but you also need to help yourself. As challenging as it may be, you need to motivate yourself. Organize yourself, make small goals and by checking off those goals, it will help you feel stronger and more successful. 
  5. Divorce is an opportunity for you to become financially savvy and smart, because now you are not relying on someone to write that check. 
  6. You will have some bad encounters in divorce, but you embrace them, you learn from them, and then you pick up and move on to better things. 
  7. Find an attorney that is wise, can give you sage advice, and who is savvy in business. 
  8. There is so much to see in life and you will miss it if you’re not looking. 

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