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Welcome back to The Midlife Makeover Show everyone! We are recording the show right here at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming! It’s been a fun, few days here at Grand Teton with hiking, sightseeing, and trying not to get eaten by bears! I was informed that in order to scare away the bears, you are supposed to make noise or talk while you’re hiking. Y’all know that wasn’t difficult for me to do! I was walkin’ and talkin’ so much that I almost lost my voice! That would be awful! How would I record this show if I lost my voice? Hee!

Well anyway, I obviously didn’t get eaten by bears, so I either scared the bears away or they got so annoyed with me running my mouth, they jumped off the mountains of Grand Teton. 

Besides having fun days, I had productive days, too! I had two awesome interviews, which one of them you will hear today, and the next one you will hear on Monday. 

I also completed a huge goal this week that I want to share with you! Drum roll please! I finished my book proposal! Woo-hoo! I started the book proposal back in March and it’s been such an awesome journey! For now, the book is titled, From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Awakening: 7 Steps to Reinvent Your Life. You likey? You likey? I likey!

So now what? What happens next?

Well, the book proposal will be sent to my agent and hopefully she will like it –– fingers crossed –– and then the proposal will be presented to book publishers for a book deal. Send good vibes everyone that we get a good book dealio! I say we because this book is being written for all of us midlifers here. I wrote this book to help all of us become our greatest selves in life. his book is the book that I wish I had when I went through my own midlife crisis/midlife meltdown.

The book is not just a book thoughOh no, no, no. I am creating an entire suite of products to go along with the book. There will be a companion book, a journal, card decks, an online course, a group coaching program, and a midlife makeover retreat! Wouldn’t that be fabulous? A retreat where we can all meet, help, and support one another to create our next best chapter in life. Oooo! I can’t wait for that! All in all, lots of good stuff up ahead for all of you! 

I want to give a shoutout to my beautiful, amazing, sweet, and incredibly brilliant book coach, Amy Scher. I could not have completed this book proposal without her. Amy Scher is the bestselling and award-winning author of four books: This is How I Save My LifeHow to Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else CanHow to Heal Yourself From Anxiety When No One Else CanHow to Heal Yourself When No One Else Canand she also has an essay featured in Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It. I have read two of her books so far and they are incredible! Go to to find out more about her awesomeness, check out her healing and writing classes, her free tools and techniques, and of course, buy her books! I will leave links for you in the show notes, too. In conclusion, Amy is extraordinary and I am beyond grateful for her! I hope to have her on the show someday, so you can meet her!

I will keep you posted about the book! Make sure you follow me on Instagram at Wendy Valentine or The Midlife Makeover Show and sign up for The Midlife News at to be notified first of the book launch and the sweet suite of products that will go along with it. I’m planning on doing a book tour in the RV you guys! How funny is that? I’d love to meet you at a book signing one day! I’m getting excited to finally make this dream come true!

Speaking of going after your dreams, today’s guest did just that. And then some! Today’s guest is Julia Karol, a mom, creative leader, warm friend, animal lover, champion of alternative families, and host of the podcast, Stork’d. 

Julia is building a family – her way. Along the way, she is asking anyone and everyone about how they came to make the decisions they did regarding family life. She’s opening up an honest, funny, raw, and earnest conversation looking at what creating a family really means and how it might show up differently than expected on her podcast Stork’d. Join Julia as she explores the concept of modern alternative families. Episodes feature everyday friends, family, neighbors, and experts sharing their own journey to define and create a family.

On this episode, you will learn about Julia’s beautiful family story, her awesome podcast, Stork’d, and you will also hear my family story and how it has evolved over the decades into what it is now. 


The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. When it’s the right path, you realize that it was there all along. It was always meant to be.
  2. Give yourself permission to make changes in your life. 
  3. One of the differences between family building and midlife is that midlife is a general awakening to who you really are at your core, and family building often requires adjusting to the world while maintaining who you are at your core. 
  4. Coaching, books, podcasts, journaling, meditation, and other tools accessible to all of us, can help you gain the courage and knowledge to become your authentic self and take your next steps in life. 
  5. What family means to you at any given point is allowed to evolve. 
  6. Sometimes it’s not courage per se, it’s just what you have to do in your life. Either way, follow your heart!

Julia, thank you, thank you, thank you for being on the show and sharing your story and wisdom with all of us. Make sure you check out Julia’s podcast, Stork’d, and her website too at

Thanks for listening everyone! The next episode will be recorded from Yellowstone when you get to meet David Rosell, a successful speaker, published author and founder and president of Rosell Wealth Management. David and I discuss his new book, In the Know: Turning Your Unneeded Life Insurance Policy into Serious Cash! Ooooo! You do not want to miss that episode, because he is giving away free books to all my listeners! The show will come out Monday morning, July 3rd, so keep an eye out for that. Or an ear, I should say!

Have a great rest of your week and an awesome weekend!

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