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You might wanna fasten your seatbelts kids! Today’s episode is going to be a wild ride! Our guest today went through her own midlife makeover and slayed it like a boss! Iva Ursano is a freelance writer and podcaster who helps women make the rest of their life, the best of their life! 

Iva is a beautiful and brave woman that went from hitting rock bottom to living her dream life. After going bankrupt and leaving an abusive relationship at the age of 51, she knew it was time to change her life. One and a half years later, Iva hung up her hairstyling shears, became a freelance writer and left Canada for sunny Guatemala to help stop malnutrition and put a dent in hunger. Through her blog, podcast, and coaching programs, she also inspires and encourages women around the world to step into their own personal power and live the life they deserve!

Wow! What a story! And what a woman! You will soon hear that Iva is a tell-it-how-it-is kinda gal and she will give you the push you need to start changing your life. She truly wants you to live your life to the fullest and for you to realize that absolutely nothing is impossible. Nothing. As Iva says, you can do whatever the F you want. And y’all know I agree with that! Prepare to laugh, prepare to get motivated, and prepare to meet a remarkable human being. 




Get out there and BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE YOU! 

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