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Ooooo! You will love today’s show! Our guest is Andrea Owen, an author, life coach, podcaster, keynote speaker, and a badass woman! Andrea helps high-achieving women maximize unshakeable confidence, and master resilience.

All three of Andrea’s books, Make Some Noise, How to Stop Feeling Like Shitand 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life, came along in my life right when I needed them. I hope this episode motivates you to shine your light, share your gifts with the world, and make some noise! Boom! 💥


The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. Confidence will ebb and flow throughout your life. 
  2. You don’t just gain confidence from taking small steps and having success. You also gain confidence from taking small steps, falling on your face, and then realizing that you didn’t die. You’re gonna be okay!
  3. Anger can be quite a motivator in your life. Allow anger to move you and move through you.
  4. Give yourself the gift of feeling your feelings and give others the space and respect to feel their feelings.
  5. Adopt the perspective that feelings are your body’s way of taking care of itself and helping you get back to homeostasis. 
  6. What is life asking of you?
  7. Who do you need to become?
  8. What do you need to walk through in order to not only rise to the occasion, but to come out a better woman, or man, on the other side? 

Thank you so much Andrea! You are AWESOME! It was an honor to have you on The Midlife Makeover Show! I am looking forward to reading your next book and I am looking forward to you reading my first book! Check out Andrea and all her awesomeness at! 

Okay Midlifers! Get out there and BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE YOU, AND MAKE SOME NOISE!

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