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Lara Frendjian, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist passionate about empowering women over 40, joins The Midlife Makeover Show to share her Triple M Method for balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, and mastering intuition. Lara reveals simple yet powerful lifestyle shifts like strength training and moving intuitively based on what your body needs. Lara and I agree that as we age, listening to our bodies and moving in ways that energize us become key to health and weight loss. Tune in to hear Lara’s expert tips for nourishing your body and intuition through this transformative life stage.

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. The ​body is ​holding ​its ​breath, ​just ​waiting ​for ​you ​to ​give ​it ​what ​it ​needs.
  2. The ​human ​body ​is very responsive, especially how it responds to nutrition. ​Nutrition is important, ​and we ​don’t ​give ​it ​​the ​weight ​that ​it ​deserves.
  3. You ​don’t ​have ​to ​reinvent ​the ​wheel or ​reinvent ​the ​body. ​The body ​is ​magnificent –– ​it can ​repair and recover itself. So ​even ​if ​you’re ​in ​your ​40s ​or ​50s ​or ​60s, ​you ​can ​still ​make ​changes ​right ​now and ​you ​can ​gain ​back ​some ​years ​and ​gain ​back ​your ​health.
  4. With Lara’s Triple M Method, you start with getting the ​hormones ​back ​into ​balance, ​and ​you ​do ​that ​through ​nutrients, ​lifestyle ​changes, reducing ​​stress ​and ​managing ​cortisol.
  5. Lara’s three M Method is Master your Hormones, Master your Metabolism and Master your Intuition. 
  6. You ​don’t ​have ​to ​look ​the ​way ​you ​did ​in ​your ​twenties. ​You​ can ​look ​and ​feel ​amazing ​in your ​forties, ​but ​just understand ​that ​your body will go through changes, and ​that’s ​okay.
  7. For ​everybody ​across ​the ​board, ​do some ​sort ​of ​strength ​training, ​because ​we ​do ​lose ​muscle ​mass and ​bone ​mass. ​
  8. Moving ​is ​important, ​but ​moving ​intuitively ​is ​even ​more ​important.

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Check out highlights of our convo below!

What do you find fascinating about nutrition, especially in your 40s?

Wendy Valentine: What do you find fascinating about nutrition, especially in your 40s?

Lara Frendjian: You know what I love? I love how responsive the human body is. I think that’s what continues to blow me away, client after client, personally, how important nutrition is. We don’t give it the weight that it deserves. We just think, oh, food. Especially in our culture here in North America, food is just entertainment. It’s something to do. It’s taste buds. But really, it’s the answer that and movement are the answer for any root illness. I’ve had all kinds of things, and clients personally reverse, and all I did was change our nutrition, change our mindset.

Wendy Valentine: Exactly.

Lara Frendjian: Deal with the stressors and move the body. And the body, it’s like it’s holding its breath, just waiting for you to give it what it needs.

The Triple M method focuses on balancing the hormones and the metabolism

Wendy Valentine: So, tell me more about the Triple M method? 

Lara Frendjian: Yeah, so we start with hormones. We want to get the hormones back into balance, and we often can do that through nutrients. so just getting the body back into balance because really minerals govern hormones. So, if you’re low on magnesium, you won’t produce the right amount of progesterone. They’re so closely related. So we try to balance the hormones through foods, through lifestyle changes, through reducing the stress and managing cortisol, because cortisol and progesterone have a YinYang relationship. So by managing all that, we try our best to balance the hormones naturally, and if we can’t, there are other options that we could explore. So the first peg is really to balance the hormones. the second is work on the metabolism, because the metabolism does pay a price for the shifting hormones.

As we age, our hip bones grow and the clothes will fit differently

Lara Frendjian: I just want to touch on this because our bodies change. We get wider as we age, bone is actually growing in our hips. Our hip bones grow and the clothes will fit differently. And that’s okay. It’s okay to let go of some of the stuff that you used to wear that no longer fit.

Wendy Valentine: Your body is supposed to evolve. We are supposed to evolve individually and collectively, and your mind has to evolve with it. I feel like a lot of it is acceptance. Just saying, okay, I’m in my forties. Oh, these changes are going on within me and around me, and then you have to stop, you have to pause and take a look at that and say, what can I do so that I can be at my optimal health?

Lara Frendjian: Yes, I don’t have to look the way that I did in my twenties. I could look and feel amazing for my 40s but understand that it’s going to shift and that’s okay. I just purged things in my closet that I had held onto for a few years, thinking, well, maybe. And then I came to a place this summer, because they don’t make them like they used to. I reached a point where I was like, no, physically my hips have changed. It’s not fat, it’s bone.

Wendy Valentine: Yeah, exactly. And you know what, too? You have to just own it. Be grateful that you have this beautiful body that’s carrying your soul through life. I know that sounds dramatic, but the way I look at it, it’s like a vehicle. In order for that vehicle to take you places that you want to go in life, literally, figuratively, whatever, you have to feed it good fuel. You have to give it what it needs. 

For me, I concentrated more on just taking care of myself and not so much what the mirror or the scale was saying. I’m on a mission to help other people. What does it have to do with how I look in this dress? Like, who cares? It’s just how I feel in my heart and in my soul and just do the best that I can. 

What I want most is for people to learn to really understand their bodies

Wendy Valentine: You said hormones first. Then what was next?

Lara Frendjian: Master your metabolism, and finally, it is master your intuition

Lara Frendjian: What I want most is for people to learn to really understand their bodies, understand that this is what I need. I just need more veggies right now. I just need to take a breathI just need to get off my phone and go for a walk. I need some sunshine. For us to get to that place where we really tap into our intuition. It’s not like the food log, the new diet, the new trend is going to dictate what I do. It’s like, no, I know what to do because I’ve listened to my body.

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