Out With The Old & In With the Bold!

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Out with the OLD and in with the BOLD! We Midlifers might be getting biologically older, but our spirits are still young and ready for fun! Deep down you are craving to do all those things you TALKED about doing, but you just haven’t made the leap. YET! 

It’s time to STOP TALKING and START DOING! It’s time to leap into becoming the person that you know you CAN be and it’s time to leap into a life that you have always dreamed about living.  

The time is now. 

Welcome to another great episode of The Midlife Makeover Show Live on Instagram with special guest Jacqueline (Jack) Perez! Jack is founder of Kuel Life, an online platform that champions change and redefines modern midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands. 

👇🏼You will learn 👇🏼

❤️ The importance to GO rather than WAIT

❤️ Breaking down barriers that hold us back

❤️ How to bust through our fears

❤️ Giving yourself permission to live life your way

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