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No one really prepares us for the relationship roller coaster ride at midlife. Between the birdies leaving, parents dying, friendships fading, and marriages dissolving, many of us struggle with our relationships at midlife. Thankfully, we have badass people in the world like Bradley Richardson to help us get through the muck of it all.

Bradley is the creator of Advanced Adulting, where he coaches and creates content to help “grown ass” adults navigate the shifts and changes of midlife. Bradley and I had such a great chat about unlearning old limiting beliefs, going after your dreams, and Bradley’s genius formula for knowing when it’s time to stay or go in a relationship. 😊

Enjoy the show!

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. Being authentic simply means being true to yourself. 
  2. Advanced adulting is all the transitions, reinvention, rough patches, and the roller coaster that we all ride at midlife that no one prepares you for. 
  3. You have to go backwards in order to go forward. You need to unlearn and let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are not the true you.
  4. One of Bradley’s fave quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert, “If you want to get to the castle, you have to swim the moat.” Take a hard look at yourself, at your life, face it all head on, and then you will arrive at your castle. 
  5. If you want to be happy with who you are, you must take responsibility for your role in the choice and your ability to control something, and then you will make some big changes fast. 
  6. If you are in relationship and questioning if you should stay or go, ask yourself, is it fixable? If the answer is no, then you have your answer and you need to go. If the answer is yes, then ask yourself, do you want to? Do you have the willingness to make the necessary effort to stay in the relationship? 
  7. So many of us are conditioned to accept familiar misery rather than an unknown happiness.

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