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Lisa Crosta, financial expert and Director of Wealth Management of BPP Wealth Solutions, joins Wendy Valentine on her podcast to share how she helps clients achieve their dreams through strategic money management. Wendy shares her inspiring story of overcoming debt and divorce to travel the country in an RV. They discuss how gaining control of your finances frees you from money controlling you. Lisa enjoys guiding her clients through the confusion of complex financial jargon, bringing clarity to the financial realm of her clients’ lives. Stay tuned to the end when Lisa offers listeners a free financial consultation to help make their dreams reality.


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Check out highlights of our convo below!

When we start a financial plan with a client, the first thing is future

Wendy Valentine: So I was sharing with you before we hit record that there was one word that really stuck out to me in your bio, and that was the word dreams. I would love to start with that because I feel like that’s what it’s all about. Sometimes when we’re talking about money and financial planning and the word budget, it gets a little Zzzz. Not to say that it’s not important, but I feel like we have to think more about what we’re wanting, what we’re desiring, what we’re dreaming about, what we want in our lives, especially at midlife, and kind of reverse engineer it to figure out how to make that happen.

Lisa Crosta: Yeah, so it’s interesting you say that, because when we start a financial plan with a client, the first thing we ask about is their future. We don’t first ask, how much do you have? How much do you spend? Whatever. We say, what do you want to do? That’s the first question. We often say, what do you want for you, your family, your health, whatever category you want to put it in. But you have to start there.

When you get divorced, it’s a weird time

Lisa Crosta: There’s one thing when you get divorced, it’s a weird time, right?

Wendy Valentine: Yes.

Lisa Crosta: I made some good and some bad decisions. But I remember walking home from dropping my kids off at school, and somebody walking up to me – all these people come out of the woodwork who you found out didn’t have great marriages once they find out yours is falling apart – and I remember somebody saying to me along the way, don’t go get a job now. You won’t get enough support. Don’t get a job.

And I thought, that is the worst advice ever. I want to be in charge of my destiny. I won’t wait so I can get more money from somebody I don’t want to spend my life with. I’m not saying don’t get all the support you can, but don’t just hand over all that control to somebody else.

BPP Wealth Solutions does financial planning and offers insurance

Wendy Valentine: Is it one on one coaching? And do you work with people everywhere?

Lisa Crosta: Oh, yeah, everywhere. Because our licenses are good everywhere, and if we need additional ones, we can get them at the time. Like, if somebody needed insurance in a state we weren’t in. But we do a lot over Zoom, so we have clients all over. We charge a fee for financial planning. It’s an annual fee, and it’s basically our unlimited expertise.

We work with portfolio managers to provide investments and we also are licensed to sell insurance. We work with estate planning attorneys, yours or anybody else, to help you get any documents done. We don’t write the documents, but we work with your estate planning attorney, with you, or whatever we need to get all your ducks in a row.

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