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Are you ready to take a plunge into the depths of healthy living and sustainable eating? The latest episode of The Midlife Makeover Show is here to guide you through the waters of wellness with our special guest, Sena Wheeler, a fifth-generation member of a fishing family and the co-founder of Sena Sea.

In this episode, Wendy Valentine, our spirited host, introduces us to the world of wild Alaskan seafood, a source of not only mouthwatering flavors but also a powerhouse of nutrition. Sena’s passion for the sea and its offerings is palpable as she shares her family’s commitment to sustainability and healthy living.

Sena Sea is not your ordinary seafood provider. Featured in prestigious publications like Food and Wine and Epicurious, this company is all about bringing the freshest, most nutritious fish directly to your doorstep. But it’s not just about convenience; it’s about knowing where your food comes from and the care that goes into every catch.

Sena, with her master’s degree in nutrition and food science, dives deep into the health-boosting benefits of wild fish. She educates us on the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and the difference between farm-raised and wild-caught fish. The episode is an eye-opener for anyone who cares about what they put on their plate.

But it’s not all science and statistics. Wendy and Sena discuss the joy of cooking fish, the simplicity of preparing a nutritious meal, and the beauty of connecting with the food we eat. They talk about the cultural significance of fishing and the impact of choosing sustainably caught seafood on our environment.

As a listener, you’ll be inspired by Sena’s journey and the way her family business operates, blending tradition with innovation. You’ll learn about the seasonal rhythms of fishing and how you can be a part of this sustainable cycle by making informed choices about the seafood you consume.

By the end of the episode, you’ll not only have a newfound appreciation for wild Alaskan seafood but will also be equipped with practical tips to incorporate it into your daily diet. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood lover or just starting to explore the ocean’s bounty, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspirations.

So, why should you listen? Because The Midlife Makeover Show is about transforming your life, one meal at a time. It’s about understanding that you are what you eat, and with Sena Wheeler’s guidance, you can choose to be vibrant, healthy, and sustainably conscious. Don’t miss this deep dive into the world of wild Alaskan seafood. Your body, taste buds, and the planet will thank you.

Tune in now to The Midlife Makeover Show and let the transformation begin!

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