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Enjoy the replay of The Midlife Makeover Show LIVE on Instagram with my awesome guest, Tonia Jahshan, founder of Sipology. You will learn how to use traditional herbs to heal from common ailments and the mental and social benefits of slowing down to enjoy a cup of tea. 🍵

Today’s guest is Tonia Jahshan, founder of Sipology (formerly Steeped Tea), a multi-million dollar direct sales company selling wellness drinks and accessories. Tonia founded Sipology after suffering a miscarriage and traveling to Nova Scotia for a pause. While there, she had her first cup of Earl Grey de la Crème tea, and for the first time in weeks, things felt better.

She started Sipology in 2007 to share the healing power of tea with the world. In 2012, Tonia pitched the business on Dragons’ Den (Canadian Shark Tank) and accepted an offer from Jim Treliving and David Chilton, skyrocketing the business to new heights. Today, Sipology does millions in annual sales and has tens of thousands of consultants selling its products. The company has been recognized as one of Profit 500 Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, and Tonia was named Canada’s #1 Female Entrepreneur by W100 and 1 of 6 Women to Watch by Forbes.

Enjoy the show!


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