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Are you feeling stuck in a midlife rut, surrounded by clutter that no longer serves you? It’s time to consider a midlife and home life makeover, and our latest podcast episode is the perfect starting point.

Imagine trading a 1200 square foot condo with a view of a dreary parking lot for a 120 square foot RV with the freedom to wake up to any view you desire. That’s exactly what our host did, and now she’s sharing her journey from a life filled with debt, depression, and a soul-sucking job to one of happiness, freedom, and purpose.

But this episode isn’t just about our host’s transformation. It’s about how you, too, can reinvent your life and living space, especially in the second half of life. Our special guest, Marni Jameson, a nationally syndicated home design columnist and author, offers her expertise on creating a home—and a life—that you love.

Marni’s wisdom isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and grounded in personal experience. She’s been there, done that, and has helped countless others do the same. Her latest book, “Right Size Today to Create Your Best Life Tomorrow,” is a treasure trove of insights on how to find the right size home in the best location, all while shedding the excess that weighs you down.

During the episode, Marni discusses the importance of being intentional about where you live and how to avoid the overwhelm that often accompanies such life changes. She emphasizes that your perfect home is not someone else’s perfect home. Whether you’re drawn to bustling cities or tranquil pastures, it’s about knowing yourself and making deliberate choices to support that self-knowledge.

What’s holding you back from making a change? Is it the fear of letting go of the familiar? The daunting task of decluttering? Or maybe it’s just not knowing where to start. Marni addresses these concerns with compassion and practical advice, encouraging listeners to take that leap of faith towards a life that truly reflects their desires and values.

Listen to this episode to discover how to embark on the journey of decluttering not just your home, but your life. Learn how to let go of material possessions that no longer serve you and embrace the experiences that await in the second half of life.

So, are you ready to make over your midlife and home life? Tune in and be inspired to take the first step towards a life of simplicity, fulfillment, and joy. Remember, as our host says, “You come into this world with nothing, and you will leave with nothing.” Make the time in between count.

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