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Are you going through a midlife crisis? Have all the changes in your external world affected your internal world? Do you have anxiety or panic attacks? 😳 Needn’t not worry! I got you! 😉 Let’s turn your Midlife Crisis into a Midlife Awakening! 

Check out the replay of The Midlife Makeover Show Live on Instagram with Wendy Valentine and special guest Dr. Nicole Cain! Dr. Cain has a degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Arizona. Dr. Nicole’s mission is to introduce a new paradigm for understanding and treating our mental health. 

👇🏼You will learn 👇🏼

❤️ How to combat midlife crisis, anxiety and panic

❤️ The reason anxiety shows up at midlife

❤️ The top 2 herbs for anxiety 

❤️ Dr. Cain’s fave hack for a panic attack

❤️ Signs of depressive anxiety

❤️ The other types of anxiety and which one you may have

❤️ 3 ways to combat depressive anxiety


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