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Hey there Midlife Queens! Learn how to become a fat burning machine! If your weight, workouts, or wonky hormones have got you frustrated, then check out the replay of The Midlife Makeover Show LIVE on Instagram with Wendy Valentine and special guest, Lisa Holtan. 

Lisa Holtan is a personal trainer and nutrition coach helping midlife women to feel their best with specialized nutrition and strength workouts.  

You will learn:

💜 To stop symptoms of perimenopause and menopause

💜 Workouts to balance hormones and burn fat

💜 Why nutrition is important to reach health goals

💜 What is best – cardio or strength training

💜 Importance of a healthy mindset

💜 Lisa’s secret tip!




👉 Connect with Lisa!

Podcast name: High Vibe Life


IG and youtube: @lisaholtan

Get one pan meal ideas + workouts at

Sign up for Lisa’s 6 week program at

Use code hearthealth for $20 off! Woot!

😍 Thank you to our sponsor!

Thank you to Amberen for sponsoring The Midlife Makeover Show! Amberen is the #1 Menopause Supplement in the U.S. and clinically proven to provide relief of 12 major symptoms.

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