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Has your marriage become mundane? 🥱 From raising kids, building careers, and running a household, your relationship can become as humdrum as emptying the dishwasher. 

Break free from the cycle of monotony and add a little spice to your marriage! Better yet, have a BLAST designing your second half of life TOGETHER! 

On today’s show, you will meet Dr Liz Jenkins. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Certified Life Transitions and Relationship Coach and has spent her professional and personal life deep in the science of identifying just exactly what has held couples back from the success they deserve in their relationships.

Get ready for a great show! Turn up the volume on your phone, in your marriage, and in your life! 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. If you’re a little lost on where to start, put a pin drop in it and recognize that this is where you are. Start there.
  2. Start with yourself in the relationship and ask, “What was fun for you? What do you enjoy doing? What used to excite you in the relationship?”
  3. Remove the labels of who you should be at this time in your life. Be who you want to be.
  4. Have conversations with your partner on what you want in your second half of life. Share your dreams and fears. 
  5. Take a step back, explore your options, and dream forward together. 
  6. One of the fastest ways to increase the satisfaction in your relationship and add the spice back into your life is to do things that are novel and fun. 
  7. Get outside your comfort zone, try new experiences on for size, and get comfortable with living a new life in a new way. 
  8. If there is something you have always wanted to do in your life and it continues to bubble up in your mind, then you better go do it! No regrets!

Dr. Liz, I absolutely loved our conversation. I love everything that you’re doing for couples by helping them reconnect and redesign their lives together. Make sure you check out her website at and check the show notes for links to her social media sites and her coaching programs. 

Thank you so much for tuning in today and I’ve got one more nugget of midlife wisdom to share with you, instead of saying, “What’s the worst that could happen?”, start saying, “What’s the best that could happen?” Okay Midlifers! Get out there and BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE YOU!

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