How I Overcame Divorce, Depression and a Dull Midlife!

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Midlife Makeover Show! I am Wendy Valentine, and I am so happy and so humbled that you are here! The purpose of this episode is to tell you a wee bit about me and the reason why I created The Midlife Makeover Show.

Quite simply, I created this show for you! My intention is that the wisdom I have gained through my own midlife makeover will help you along your journey in your midlife. 

This show is what I personally needed myself when I was going through my own midlife makeover. Because when I hit midlife, I hit rock bottom. And I hit hard! I experienced a major depression after my divorce, the death of my brother, and from being smothered in mounds of debt. I struggled mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Basically, every aspect of myself was crumbling. 

Needless to say, my life was spiraling downward. In the darkest night of my soul, I made the decision to reclaim my life. Misery was no longer an option for me.

I was on a mission to makeover my midlife. And by God, I did it. I fed my body, my mind, and my spirit with tons of love. It was like self-care on steroids! I read numerous self-help books, I listened to podcasts, meditated, did yoga, surrounded myself with great friends, and I found an amazing therapist to help heal my wounds. Thank you, Kristina! You are the bomb!

I moved halfway across the country and took a job selling homes, something I had never done before. But I was open to anything new. Within one year, I was the top sales consultant in the division and became debt free. I owe it all to faith. I finally had faith in myself, and I finally loved myself. 

All those big steps led me to my dream life that I am living right now in this very moment. I resigned from my corporate job, I bought an RV, and now I travel the country being a catalyst to help you and others make their dreams come true. That is my purpose in life and that is the purpose of this show. 

So that’s a wee bit about me, but now let’s talk about you! Let’s get you started on your wild, wonderful dream life!

Again, I created this show for you! I am here for you! I want to help you change your life. I want to remind you of your greatness and guide you back to your highest self. Listen to me, you have so many gifts, talents and strengths, and you need to use them. 

If you are stuck, I want to help you get unstuck. If you want to end a career, start a new career, I want to help you do that. If you want a little midlife makeover, or a BIG midlife makeover, I want to help you get there. Why? Because you deserve it! Everyone deserves to live their best life! 

No more settling. No comfort zone crap. It’s time to get uncomfortable and make some changes! But don’t worry about getting uncomfortable, you will have me. I will guide you on your midlife journey of transformation! And we are going to have some fun along the way!

As I mentioned to you before, I went through my own midlife makeover, and even prior to midlife, I experienced quite a bit of trauma and drama in my life. I say that to you not because I want you to take out your violin and play me a sad song, but because I want you to know that whatever you’re going through in your life, I get it. We may not have experienced the same trauma and drama, but we can connect through our hurt and our pain and our fear that we as human beings go through in life. It’s just part of being human. We are human beings being human. 

But here’s where I really want to connect with you… through love. Heart to heart. I want to take you from fear to love! Tragedy to triumph! Tears to laughter! Frowns to smiles! That’s what I want for you! 

And how do I know that it’s possible? Because I did it! Over and over and over again! The key is not to be scared of change. The key is to embrace change. Listen, we should always be changing. We should always be evolving. We should always be striving to improve ourselves, our circumstances, and our lives. 

The good thing about me having gone through so much crap in my life is that I got really good at overcoming it. I know that on the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough. If you are experiencing a breakdown right now in your life, hang in there. Your breakthrough is just around the corner. This too shall pass. Trust me. You just have to persevere and keep pushing through it! You have to believe in yourself and your ability to conquer whatever is in front of you. And you can do it! I’m going to help you get there! I won’t let you crumble. Your life is way too precious to crumble. It’s time to pick yourself up off the floor, just like I did, dust yourself off, and get back at it!

We just have to find new ways to slay the dragons in our lives. We have to become warriors! We have to THINK like a warrior. Like Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” In other words, we gotta change our stinkin’ thinkin’! We have to find new solutions to solve our problems. I’m going to provide you with solutions to your problems, and you are going to apply them in your life. Because I said so! Just try them out! See what works for you. If you don’t try, nothing will change. 

Here’s what you can expect from this show. One word. Transformation! Make it two words, shall we? BOLD TRANSFORMATION! We don’t know how many days we have left in our lives, so we don’t have time for little baby steps here folks! We are making BIG, BOLD leaps in our lives. You can rely on me to give you energy and love and inspiration and to share my knowledge and wisdom with you. I’m all yours.

And it won’t be just me on this show. Oh no, no, no. I have some amazing guests that will share their knowledge and wisdom with you as well! All sorts of cool topics, too! Everything from relationships to careers to taking care of our sexy midlife bodies to decluttering our homes to moving across the country, or maybe the world, divorce, dating, you name it, we will talk about it! 

There is one common thread through it all though. Transformation! Change! It’s all about you being you. You becoming you! You loving you and you loving your life! It’s all about being bold and free! 

My intention is that you take a nugget of wisdom from every episode of the midlife makeover show. I want you to end up with a huge bucket filled with so many nuggets of wisdom that no matter where you are in your life, these nuggets will provide you with hope, love and inspiration. 

Furthermore, I’m not just going to run my mouth on this show. You’re welcome! I have even more nuggets of midlife wisdom on my website at, so make sure you check that out! 

I highly recommend enrolling in the Midlife Makeover Method self-study course that I created just for you. It’s simple, fun and a great start to making over your miraculous midlife! 

A little secret … if you sign up on the home page to get the free Midlife Makeover Toolkit, which is awesome, there might possibly be a coupon code included for 50 buckeroos off The Midlife Makeover Method online course! It brings the course down to only $247! I’ve bought shoes for more than that, and all those shoes brought me were blisters! The Midlife Makeover Method will NOT bring you blisters, but it WILL bring you change and hope and help you uncover your true self! It will jumpstart your midlife! 

Besides the Midlife Makeover Method, I’ve got the F.R.E.E.D.O.M. at Midlife 8-week coaching program starting in April 2022! I am currently accepting applications for that program. I do recommend applying for that program now. I am only allowing 25 people, so it will definitely sell out fast! 

One more thing! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Wendy Valentine. I leave all sorts of goodies on there, too! Plus, you can see more of my cray cray RV life! And of course, I will hopefully make you laugh!

All in all, I’m going to provide you with tons of solutions in different mediums in hopes that something works for you! I am here for you! I hope you love the show and I hope you come back to hear more! 

Thank you so much for listening! I can’t wait to share more with you and make a difference in your life! Have an awesome day and don’t forget… 

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