Midbelly Crisis? Lose the Weight for Good!

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Can’t wait to lose the weight? 😬 Meet the Weight Loss Boss on The Midlife Makeover Show LIVE on Instagram! Dr. Jeff Donatello is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Center for Wellbeing. 

Dr. Donatello specializes in a popular Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program where his clients not only lose 20 – 40 pounds in the first 60 days, but 98 percent keep it off a year later! Gasp! 🤩 Besides losing the weight, they reduced inflammation in their body, and most importantly, they felt GOOD! 😊

This Specialized Custom Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program focuses on what matters: your blood sugar, insulin, hormones, and metabolism – not calories, points, or shakes. Welcome to lasting change and welcome to enjoying your happy and healthy body at midlife! Enjoy the show! ❤️ 


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Enroll in The Midlife Makeover Method course available on my website at under the courses tab! In this fabulous four-week online course, presented by your hostess of the midlife mostess, you will embark on an awesome journey of transformation! Over 4-weeks we will go through 4 phases of seed to flight. You will walk away with a midlife metamorphosis!

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Of course you do! Go to and download the FREE Midlife Makeover Toolkit located on the homepage. Included in your handy dandy toolkit is a $50 voucher for the Midlife Makeover Method course!

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