What is Your Purpose in Life? Discover Your Superpower!

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I’m excited for you to hear today’s conversation with our special guest, Mahima! I’m also excited for you to discover your superpower and to create your mission in life. Not just any mission, but a mission that brings you inner peace, love, and joy, and FUN!

I think as we go about our lives, we fall into our usual daily routines, and we forget about our magnificence.  We forget about our superpowers; we forget that we are powerful, and we forget that we have the power to be who we want to be and to create the life we want to live. Today’s guest is here to remind you that life is precious, YOU are precious, and you CAN achieve that precious inner peace, love, and joy, and FUN in your life. 

Todays’ guest is Europe’s No 1 Self Mastery Mentor, Mindset Trainer, International Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Speaker and Founder of The Mahima Mindset. MAHIMA is the first Black Self Mastery Mentor to have spoken at The Harvard Club of Boston in July 2018. Mahima has done over 10,000 hours of meditation practice and to date has helped transform the lives of over 19,241 people, with her unique creations, “The inner peace formula” and “The own your superstar” multi award-winning training. Since 1997 Mahima and her team have developed a world-class personal growth academy, which evolved into what is today known as The Mahima Mindset. The Mahima Mindset helps people find and live their higher purpose. I’m all for that! Everyone, Mahima! Enjoy! 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. You have multiple superpowers, but you don’t have to use all of them! Choose one and make that superpower oh-so powerful!
  2. You came into this world with nothing, you will leave with nothing, and the time between birth and death is unknown, so live in the now.
  3. You get more of what you focus on, and you get more of what you want in life, so you have to be willing to be BOLD and say what you want.
  4. You need to start loving yourself and listening to yourself.
  5. Imagine having access to an inner peace, love and joy that is not dependent on the relationship with your husband, your kids, the world, money, your job, etc., etc., etc.!
  6. You are not your trauma. You are not your pain. 
  7. You will never ever fix your ego, that small part of you. Instead, see it for what it is and focus on the larger part of you, your spirit, your heart, and your soul.

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