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Hello lovely midlifers! Welcome back to the show. I hope you are having a great week and I hope you enjoyed Monday’s episode of breaking and making your own rules. Monday’s topic actually ties into today’s topic of shifting gears and changing careers, because both episodes have a lot to do with reconnecting to your values in this season of your life, because as you go through different seasons in life, your values change as well. What you valued in your twenties is much different than what you value in your fifties. Today’s episode is a good reminder to spend a little time asking yourself what you value, what you want and what you don’t want. 

Today’s show and Monday’s show also have a lot to do with matching how you are feeling on the inside with what you are doing on the outside. Just like Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

I couldn’t agree more. We all want to be happy, so in order to reach happiness, you need to harmonize and synchronize your internal world with your external world. Today’s show is a good reminder to take action on your incongruent thoughts and feelings, which includes taking action towards a career that brings you joy and fulfillment. 

Even if you are completely satisfied and fulfilled with your current career, I promise that you will gain some great wisdom from today’s show. Besides, after you hear our guest’s story and her advice, you might decide to finally take the leap into starting your dream business or switching to a different career. Let me remind you that you are never too old to switch gears and change careers. 

Our chat today actually reminds me of the path I took to get me where I’m at right now talking to all of you inside my little RV while I look out at Mount Shasta in California. Needless to say, I’m beyond grateful that I took the leap from my cushy corporate job to starting The Midlife Makeover Show. 

Before I introduce you to today’s guest, make sure you download your free midlife makeover toolkit at which will help you uncover your values at this awesome season of your life. The Midlife Makeover Toolkit will also help you gain clarity on that next courageous step to take in your life. The toolkit goes along with Monday’s episode, too, because I included the Wheel of Midlife for you! Winner winner chicken dinner! 

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If you need a little extra motivation, inspiration, and laughter in your day, you can also follow me on Instagram at Wendy Valentine or The Midlife Makeover Show and I am confident that you will find something on my page to make you smile. 

I am confident that today’s guest will make you smile, too! And even make you think a bit about your life, your values, your gifts, your strengths, and living up to your true potential. 

Today’s guest is Mary Katherine Stahl, aka MK Stahl. She is a busy mom, wife, and the Community Manager for the Fit Body Franchise. She has a love for health and fitness and inspires others to be the best version of themselves. At the young age of 25, she started as a member at a Fit Body and it quickly became the best part of her day every day. At the time she was working in an operations role at a real estate firm, which did not provide any sense of purpose. She used that passion and energy she felt at boot camp to open her own location in August 2017.

Today, she has successfully opened multiple Fit Body locations, and continues her journey with ownership as a Mentor and Investor. She also serves as the Community Manager for over 250 Fit Body locations and is the host of the Beyond the Scale podcast. MK is passionate about supporting Owners and Clients to live their best life through prioritizing health and fitness.

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. So many people are lonely and missing a sense of community nowadays. Connecting with other like-minded people is critical for your well-being. 
  2. If you want to find a fulfilling career, ask yourself, what adds value to your life? What do you enjoy doing? And what do you NOT enjoy doing?
  3. Considering that your values change as your life changes, go within to discover your unique core values at this season of your life. 
  4. Ask yourself, in this current stage of life, do you want to continue to get up every single day and go to a soul-sucking job or do you want to take that leap of faith and start a business or change careers that you are excited about? 
  5. There is a reason why you are questioning if you are in the right career. Get quiet and ask yourself, am I going to be happy if I am exactly where I am right now in 5, 10, 15 more years? If the answer is no, then you have to do something about it. 
  6. Try something new and see if you like it! If you find out that you don’t like it, then it’s okay. Pivot to something else. 
  7. You don’t have to be a Tony Robbins or a Starbucks, you can have a simple, small business or career that fits your lifestyle, your values, and your needs.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, take a chance on your dreams, and bring more of YOU out in the world. We need you!

Thank you, MK, for sharing your story, inspiring us to reconnect with our values, and providing such great words of wisdom. Please check out MK at and also check out Fit Body Bootcamp at and find a location nearest you. Just like MK, it could change your life. 

Have a great weekend everyone and I will chat with you on Monday when we meet another bold and awesome woman that followed her dreams. Our guest is Amy Wall, founder of TimeLight Skin Nutrition, a line of facial formulas, which feature the groundbreaking 18-Hour Delivery System. Amy Wall will help you take back the reins of how you feel about yourself as you age and transform your sleeping beauty into superconscious radiance.

Ooooo! I can’t wait for that show, and I can’t wait to try her products! 

Chat soon! 

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