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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the show! Today is Monday, August 14th and today your little RV nomad is recording the podcast from Mount Shasta, California and by the time this episode airs, I will be in Lake Tahoe, California! Shewee! I love traveling to all these gorgeous places, but sometimes it can be difficult to stay organized and disciplined with working, driving, exercising, eating, sleeping and of course, playing! I mean, there is no way to not play at all these amazing places I’m visiting. 

All things considered, I think I do pretty well to take care of my body, my mind, and my spirit while I’m traveling the world and running this podcast, which I absolutely love! One thing I’ve noticed lately though is that I haven’t been doing great with my usual skin care routine. I’ve been rushing through taking off my makeup and applying all my lotions and potions. Plus, my skin has taken a toll lately between changing climates and unfortunately having to use crappy well water at some of the RV parks. 

Not to mention, I ran out of all my lotions and potions last week, so I am using miscellaneous samples from Ulta! It is no coincidence that our guest today created an incredible line of skincare products and I needed some! And I got some! As a matter of fact, our guest was so kind to overnight me a package of her products to Lake Tahoe, so those babies will be waiting on me when I arrive! Woo-hoo! My face can’t wait to feel more radiant and awakened, and I can’t wait to feel more radiant and awakened! 

And that is mainly what we are talking about on today’s episode ­­–– reawakening your inner beauty, which will naturally reawaken your outer beauty. Just like our guest said during our interview:

“Beauty isn’t an aesthetic or an age, it’s an energy. True beauty has nothing to do with what you look like; it has to do with how you feel about yourself.”

Boom. Mic drop! 

I further added to her statement, “Energy is everything. It is how you carry yourself and how you care for yourself.” Boom. Double mic drop!

It’s not new news that as you hit midlife, your body really begins to change. Am I right or am I right?  Y’all, I even noticed that my elbow skin was sagging. Haha! What the heck is that all about?! Like the usual midlife stuff isn’t hard enough, right? 

But aging doesn’t have to be hard. There is such a thing as aging gracefully. You can learn to take better care of the midlife skin you’re in, and today’s guest, Amy Wall, is here to teach you how to do that. 

Amy Wall is an award-winning esthetician leading the beauty industry forward with consciousness. With years of experience and a passion for natural beauty, Amy was mentored by the formulator who discovered the peptide for the cosmetic industry, giving her a unique insight into behind-the-scenes of skincare science.

Amy’s fascination with beauty and wellness began in 1984 when she began meditating in the mirror while applying her skincare products. Her dedication to her craft has led her to create the TimeLight Skin Nutrition line of facial formulas, which feature the groundbreaking 18-Hour Delivery System. This innovation ensures the skin receives steady nourishment over an extended period, resulting in a radiant complexion reflecting vitality and health from the inside and out.

As a pioneer and visionary of conscious beauty, Amy is committed to using only natural and sustainable ingredients in her products. Her dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly practices, along with adding consciousness to our everyday skin routines, has earned her a reputation as a maverick in the industries of beauty and skin.

With her expertise, knowledge, and devotion to combining topical ingredients, energy, and the power of the self-image, Amy Wall will help you take back the reins of how you feel about yourself as you age and transform your sleeping beauty into superconscious radiance. Now, that’s another mic drop!

By the way, make sure you listen to the end of the show, because Amy gives a special discount code exclusive for listeners of The Midlife Makeover Show to purchase her TimeLight skincare products and her signature online course, The Beauty Blueprint.

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. The downward beauty value spiral can happen when we hit midlife, because as we experience things like menopause, empty nest, and divorce, we can misinterpret all of that as losing value.
  2. Amy’s product line, TimeLight is made by a compounding pharmacist with bioidentical, bioavailable ingredients –– the same ingredients your cells are made of. It has a delivery system that can feed the skin and create more cellular energy. 
  3. Show the younger generation of women that midlife is a beautiful time in your life. Show the daughters in the world how to be confident, strong, and healthy. 
  4. Per Amy – don’t eat raw kale! Kale is inflammatory which will cause inflammaging! 
  5. Tap into your inner being and ask yourself, “what do I truly want to look like?”
  6. You are the missing ingredient in your beauty care products. Make yourself a priority. 
  7. Beauty isn’t an aesthetic or an age, it’s an energy. True beauty has nothing to do with what you look like; it has to do with how we feel about ourselves. Energy is everything. It is how you carry yourself and how you care for yourself. 

Make sure you check out Amy’s quiz at to discover your Beauty Energy Muse and to receive Amy’s recommendations for your beautiful skin. You will also receive a 20% discount on her TimeLight products with code newfriend. Check out her online course, The Beauty Blueprint, which will help you craft and cultivate the energy of your beauty, so you can love who you see in the mirror! Amy oh-so kindly extended the newfriend 20% discount for The Beauty Blueprint course as well.

Thank you for being here today and let’s all make a commitment in this Sexy Sisterhood to love every bit of ourselves inside and out. 

Oh! Speaking of Sexy Sisterhood, you definitely want to tune into Thursday’s show when we have the gorgeous, radiant, and beautiful Sarah Sapora. Sarah is an inspirational speaker, Plus Size Personal Growth teacher and author of the brand-new book, Soul Archaeology: A Totally Doable Approach to Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life. Her greatest desire is for women of EVERY size to feel empowered to begin the journey of living an authentic and empowered life on THEIR terms. Self-improvement looks different for everybody and every body. It starts from the inside out.

Amy and Sarah are leaders of the Sexy Sisterhood!

Enjoy your week and I will chat with you on Thursday! 

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