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Hello everyone and hello from the Redwood Forest in California! I am sitting in my RV right now surrounded by these gorgeous tall Redwood trees! They are breathtaking! When I was out on a hike yesterday, I would stop every now and then just to look all the way to the top of these big, bold trees. I was quite curious about the Redwoods, so being the nerd that I am, I looked them up online. 

Here are some really interesting facts about the Redwoods that so beautifully ties into our show today. 

  • Redwoods are the tallest trees on earth reaching as tall as 300 feet.
  • Redwoods have been around for 240 million years and showed up after the dinosaurs and before birds, flowers, and human beings.
  • They can live to be 2,200 years old.
  • Redwoods can actually make it rain by condensing fog into drops to soak the soil around them.

Here’s what I find as the most interesting fact –– Redwoods support one another. Redwoods intertwine their roots with each other to stabilize one another during strong winds and floods and help to hold each other down. In other words, they keep each other grounded. 

Redwoods are family, too. Literally. They form “family circles” so you’ll see clusters of Redwoods. There is actually a family circle of Redwoods outside my window right now where there are 5 Redwoods sprouting out of a huge stump from an old Redwood tree, or also known as the parent tree. 

Redwoods take care of one another supporting each other with nutrients through their interconnected roots including their young, sick, and old. All in all, it takes a forest to raise a mighty Redwood!

The intertwined roots of the mighty Redwood trees tie into the reasons as to why I started The Midlife Makeover Show. I wanted to build a solid root system like the Redwood trees where we can all support one another and help us to all keep grounded throughout the strong winds and floods in our lives. 

Like the Redwoods, I want us to take care of one another and support each other. Think of this podcast as your parent tree where you can sprout and grow and become the biggest, strongest, and most powerful person that you can be in your life. 

Think of the experts on the show as being in your family circle, because we are all in this big, wild forest learning and growing from one another. 

Think of the wisdom that is shared as the healthy, happy nutrients that you can absorb through our interconnected roots. It takes a forest to raise a mighty Redwood and it takes a forest to raise a mighty midlifer. 

No matter if you are struggling through changes in your life right now or you are cruising along just fine, I want you to know that you are never judged here, you are always supported, and you are family. I am so grateful for all of you out there listening. 

Interestingly and synchronistically, all of this ties into today’s topic of being connected to your highest self, which in turn connects you to living a life you love. It’s no coincidence either that our guest and I talked about the importance of being around trees and connecting with nature for your well-being. 

I am beyond excited for you to hear today’s episode, because just like the title says, today’s topic is about you becoming your own guru, tapping into your inner guide & living an empowered life. If you are feeling disconnected from your soul, pretending to be happy when you’re not, or unsure of what step to take next in your life, today’s episode will help you get reconnected to your highest self and taking that next step towards a greater life.

Today’s mighty midlifer guest is Dr. Karin Luise. She is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Master Life Coach, Soul Guide and Course Creator with a PhD in Counseling & Education. She blends 20 years of practice and research with her spiritual gifts as a Medium, Intuitive and Channel to guide people through mind-blowing transformations. She is obsessed with helping people release the programming of their past, remember who they are and tap into the power and purpose that they are here to enjoy in all levels of their lives – while having the time of their lives! Her retreats have brought healing and transformation to hundreds of men and women ready to live their purpose. 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. It is a choice to change your life. It is a choice to go within. It is a choice to heal.
  2. Don’t be afraid to sit with your emotions because your emotions will pass in 90 seconds. This will create space for healing or for other opportunities. You can breathe again.
  3. If you have taken on a sickness, your body is very literal with you. Listen to your body and take action to heal what’s deep beneath the sickness. 
  4. You have 7 main chakras that run from the base of your spine to the tip of your pretty little head that contain bundles of nerve endings. They each have an energetic resonance that flows in a certain way when you are in balance. 
  5. If you get triggered, ask yourself two questions: what is actually the truth instead of an illusion you may be buying into, and what do I want to choose instead? 
  6. Two simple things you can do when you’re stressed is take slow, deep breaths, and get out in nature.
  7. The #1 regret that people have on their deathbeds is not living life for themselves, soooo get going and start living your life your way. 

Dr. Karin, you are the bomb! Check out her website at and sign up for her new masterclass, Embody your Soul’s Quantum Forest. I will leave the links in the show notes for you. 

Thank you for being here with us today. I hope this episode inspired you to get reconnected to your beautiful self, to become your own guru and reignite your fire. 

For Monday’s show, this wild woman will be at Mount Shasta and who knows what inspiration I will receive from that gorgeous place. 

Okay midlifers, get out there and be a big, bold, strong mighty Redwood tree! 

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