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Hello beautiful people! Welcome to Thursday, July 27th and welcome to another day to –– as Prince would say –– to get through this thing called life. As Wendy would say though, don’t just get through it, thrive through it. Today’s episode is jampacked full of so many ways to help you thrive and master your midlife. As a matter of fact, I was watching the replay and I was thinking to myself, damn this is good stuff! You are going to love it, and you are going to love our guest, too! 

Our gorgeous guest is Shibani Joshi, an experienced journalist who has covered business, technology and general news for global media outlets including ABC News, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance and more. 

Shibani’s most recent achievement is called Boldly-Forward, a collection of essays, experiences, and ideas about shifting – from living a life of doing to living a life of being. Shibani is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to seek meaning and purpose –– together. 

Shibani created Boldly-Forward to guide you to realize that you are not alone. She wants you to see you have more power inside of yourself than you could have ever dreamed possible. That joy is always available. It has been waiting to flow. 

The Nuggets of Midlife Wisdom from today’s show:

  1. Get real with reality. Life is messy. Learn to manage the messiness of your life and not expect a perfect balance. 
  2. What got you here will not get you there. What is your new rule book? What is your new play book? 
  3. Remove the labels that have been placed upon you by society, culture, family, friends, or even social media, and ask yourself who am I? 
  4. The only way to tune into yourself is to tune out the world through journaling, meditation, yoga, painting, hiking, walking, etc.
  5. Focus on the efforts of fulfilling your purpose and not the outcome. Turn your work into service. 
  6. If you are unsure of what your next step in life, you must get quiet and start an introspection practice. The answers are within you.
  7. Learn to love and appreciate the hardest moments of your life because those moments will teach you the most. Ask yourself: what is this moment teaching me? 

Shibani, thank you for sharing all your wonderful wisdom and guidance with us today. You are so amazing! I loved our conversation and you have inspired me to spend more time with getting quiet and going within. 

Everyone, please check out her website at Thank you for tuning into the show today and join us on Monday when we have a special guest, Megan Dahlman. She will teach us how to lose our menopausal belly bulge! Megan is a certified strength & conditioning trainer and nutrition coach who’s passionate about helping women love their bodies and thrive in their health. 

There’s that word again –– thrive! Thrive through your Thursday! Have a great day everyone! 

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